Take the Overwhelm Out of Revisions

Revise your story with purpose!

Put the joy back into your rewrites. Learn from a developmental book editor who has helped hundreds of authors grow their manuscripts. 

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Writers with a strong vision for their story but struggle getting the words on the page to match what's in their mind.

Why I created this course!


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Take the stress out of revising.

How often have you finished a draft, looked at it (proudly, of course) and thought: how the hell am I supposed to edit this? You have no idea where to begin, what to change, or how to even spot the need for changes yourself. 

You have a vision for your book, but no matter what you do, you just can't seem to match the vision in your mind to what is on the page.

Not to fear!

There are 3 core elements to consider when making your revisions. You'll not only walk away from this workshop with a solid plan of attack, but you'll actually be excited to dive into revisions!

Learn from a developmental editor who has helped shape hundreds of manuscripts and can help you shape yours!


Katie McCoach of KM Editorial has been helping authors grow their manuscripts since 2012 through developmental editing, coaching, and workshops.

Her authors have gone on to obtain agent representation, sign book deals, self-publish, AND win awards. 

After working with hundreds of authors on their manuscripts, she wants to share with you the three things that have proven to make a tremendous difference in revisions. Listen to the expert and take your revisions into 2020 with purpose and drive. 

See her authors' success stories

"My manuscript was, I thought, as good and polished as I could make it. But, while the feedback I was getting from agents in response to my queries was positive (I’d had several partial/full manuscript requests), it was clear that something about my story wasn’t working. I was hearing a lot of comments from agents about not being able to “connect” with my main character. Katie showed me how to tell the story I was trying to tell in a more effective way, how to raise the stakes and pull a reader in and hold their attention. After [working together], I had transformed my story. 2 weeks after that, I signed with an agent. And 3 months after that, my book sold to a Big 5 publisher. Maybe even more importantly, I learned things about writing and storytelling that I will carry with me to every one of my future projects."

Madi Sinha
Rep'd by Jess Watterson at the Sandra Djikstra Agency, LOVE AND OTHER CONTAGIOUS DISEASES sold to Penguin/Berkley

""I feel like I've learned more in the last two weeks [working with you] than the last two years." Working with Katie has been an absolute pleasure. This was my first time working with an editor and Katie went above and beyond what I expected. Reading through her feedback felt like having a personal writing teacher, guiding where the book could be improved, adding ideas for the characters and how to bring them to life. The attention to detail was amazing. "


"Working with Katie McCoach is one of the best investments you’ll ever make! An absolute delight to work with, Katie’s engaging personality, sweet temperament, and professional expertise will make all the difference in getting your manuscript publication ready. She shows genuine enthusiasm for your work while at the same time pointing out critical developmental shortcomings and plot holes. She answers your questions, helps you dig deep into your characters, and assists you in brainstorming for solutions. The time and work she put into my YA novel will undoubtedly be the difference between promptly landing an agent and continuing to slog for representation on my own. "

Cheryl Wanner

"What I value and appreciate about Katie's editing is that she really helps you grow as a writer. She's always asking questions and makes you take a deeper dive into your story and characters. Katie is also very insightful about how to take an idea or concept and make it better. I very much enjoyed working with Katie and plan to work with her in the future. She's spot on with her recommendations. "



Hint: It’s all about the character journey; goals, deep-rooted motivations, and stakes.

Are you clear on your character’s goal and how that directly impacts the ending of the story?

Are the stakes directly influenced by the goal?

Are the motivations deep enough for readers to even care about the character’s journey in the first place?

It’s easy to get lost when we are writing and revising, and even easier to make a revision that impacts the rest of the story in a way we never intended. I’ll give you the tools for making the changes that are right for your story, still fit your voice and vision, and help you reach the story ending that provides full resolution for your readers.

In the second half of this workshop, thirty minutes of the course will be dedicated to real-time discussions with members of the course who wish to workshop the core elements of their current manuscript. Get immediate feedback on your revision plan or learn from your classmates in real-time. 

This course will be recorded and available for replay the day after it airs. If you can't make it live, or if you want to rewatch any part of the workshop, you'll have lifetime access to it. 

This workshop was created for you. I want you to have all the tools you need to succeed. 

Enrollment has ended

Unfortunately, the enrollment period has ended. You can still sign-up for future workshops and events.


Instead of starting 2020 hesitant to dive into that book, you can begin 2020 with edits already underway. Why wait until the new year to do what you have the tools to do now? 


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