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Do your characters totally suck?

Are they slogging through your story like cardboard cut-outs with a blank stare on their face?


Your readers are bored already.

Agents are sending you form rejections left and right (and they don't even replace "Dear Author" with your name).

Or maybe you are one of the few lucky enough to hear, "Love the premise, but I didn't connect to the characters."

Sigh. Yet another manuscript to be shelved and never see the light of day.

Not so fast, writer! THAT SHIT ENDS HERE. 

Sign me up to write epic characters!

You have a unique talent for writing amazing stories.

You know once someone knows your characters like you do, they'll be just as obsessed.

You know your story is a must-read. You wouldn't be writing it if it wasn't.  

BUT for the third damn time this week, another agent has sent a rejection with the line:

"I just didn't connect to the protagonist the way I wanted to."

Why does that seem to be the most common phrase in all of publishing?

And how are other writers doing it so well?

I'll tell you, writer. This is the true gatekeeper of getting your story published:

Your character is just not the shit. YET.



It's time for a little help.  

We don't write swoon-worthy, fan-girling, Tik-Tok obsessed reads without a little work.

But guess what?

It doesn't need to take 25 years of studying writing, getting an MFA, and subjecting ourselves to thousands of critiques and rewrites to do this. 

All it takes is a proven and simple framework.

No lengthly character interviews.

No fancy beat-sheets.

No twelve-step Hero's Journey.


There are only 4 things your character needs: GOAL, MOTIVE, FLAW, and STAKES. 


I call this the GMFS Framework and it's your key to finally writing a Good Manuscript for F's Sake!  

Through this framework, you'll learn how to expertly bridge these 4 elements to craft an unforgettable character journey.

You'll understand how these elements work together, and separately, for your character.

You'll understand exactly why that plot point you keep trying to force isn't working.

You'll know every choice your character will make at any given point, no matter what (or who) you throw at them.

With these four simple elements mastered and understood, you'll be able to diagnose why no one can seem to connect to your character (and it's not because your character was lacking "voice!").

And that whole "I want voice" thing agents always talk about? Yeah, your characters will be authentic and real and voicey AF, just by utilizing these four elements. 

Enroll in Nail Your Character Arcs and learn how to write a Good Manuscript for F*ck's Sake! 

Ready to learn how to make your characters the shit? Enroll in NYCA and master the proven 4-step system to writing unforgettable characters. The GMFS framework will change your stories forever.

In this course, you'll learn:

  • The four simple elements of character development using Katie's unique¬†GMFS Framework: goal, motive, flaw, and stakes.¬†
  • How to breathe life into your characters like never before without having to write up a ten-page character sketch.¬†
  • How to seamlessly integrate character growth into your¬†plot-driven novels without sacrificing excitement or adventure.
  • How to make your "quiet" plot read¬†like an epic emotional journey.
  • For plotters: How to use this Framework to outline an entire novel or series.
  • For pantsers: How to use these elements to guide your path without stifling the magic of writing by the seat of your pants.¬†
  • BONUS: The Flaw Arc: a new way to structure your story with character growth at the forefront.¬†¬†

Join us as we create characters that readers will cherish forever.


The character journey is arguably the most important part of any book‚Äďyes, even genre fiction. As much as plot-heavy books can be fast-paced and exciting, they can also lack a reason to go on if the entire story only relies on what‚Äôs happening around the character and never to (or because of) the character.

Whether you are writing a heart-gripping character-centered story, a mystery/thriller, a light-hearted rom-com, or an epic fantasy, writing characters that readers cannot get enough of is one of the best things you can do as an author.

What makes readers talk about books to their friends? Follow a series for years? Watch a 19-season TV show even?


Even action-hero James Bond has his own arcs, and admit it: you've got a favorite Bond actor. I bet he's the one who you feel brought the most "life" and authenticity to Bond. 

The characters' journeys, their struggles, their wins, their chemistry, and the way they grow and change by the end of the story are what keep an audience invested.

I hear this sentiment from writers all the time, ‚ÄúI came up with the plot first, and now I‚Äôm struggling to fit my characters into it.‚ÄĚ

Or, ‚ÄúI keep getting feedback that [the reader] doesn‚Äôt connect to the main character.‚Ä̬†

Without a reason to follow a character…readers will move on. Their time is valuable and precious. 

Your readers are counting on you to give them an epic/emotional/thrilling adventure. 

In this course, book coach Katie McCoach is going to take you through her tried-and-true, 4-step GMFS Framework to create character arcs that MAKE the story. 

For plotters, this course will help you craft an outline that sings‚Äďyou‚Äôll know exactly what plot points will pair perfectly with your newly developed character journeys.¬†

For pantsers, this course will give you the roadmap to write by the seat of your pants wherever the characters beg you to go, AND you won’t find yourself wandering without direction. You’ll know with certainty every choice your characters will make no matter what you throw at them. You'll be able to let creativity take the wheel, without fearing you might drive off a cliff.

Writer’s block will be a thing of the past. 

How tired are you of rewriting your story ten times over because there were major character issues you missed?

Stop wasting 80,000 words

trying to figure out the story. 

How tired are you of rewriting your story three times because there were major character arc issues you missed the first and second time writing this story?

Let’s stop wasting 80,000 words trying to figure out the story. 

I'm ready to write better characters!

What you'll get inside the course...

Full Course Access


As soon as you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to the ENTIRE course. 

You can go at your own pace (DIY), or move through it weekly. At a weekly pace, this course is 4-weeks long, averaging about 3 hours a week.  

You'll receive each module's lessons along with homework exercises to put the GMFS Framework to the test. 

Plus, you'll get full access to the course content for 90 days.

Coaching Call Library


You'll receive immediate access to our coaching call bank.

That's 10+ hours of real-time coaching so you can see the application of the GMFS Framework at work.

Plus, once a month Katie will answer current student questions in a NEW recording. This means the coaching call library will be added to monthly and you have a chance to get your unique questions answered. 


I LOVE this course.

The materials were fantastic, and the live sessions each week were fun. Even if I didn't have a burning question, I learned from listening to my peers.


It gave me a new way of looking at things that I'd never considered before!

It was well-structured, and all questions/problems were answered in the coaching calls.

I appreciated that transcripts of the calls were made available. Not enough people do this and I love it!



I can revise scenes all day (and too often, eye-blurring nights), but it’s just rearranging deck chairs.
Your suggestions gave reasons to revise, and what re-direction was needed to fill that hole.




One-time payment of: 

$297 USD

Let's do this!

I’m KATIE McCOACH, a book coach based in Los Angeles. And yes, that is my last name.

I’ve been working with fiction writers for over a decade, and I’ve seen them go through it all: the endless rewrites, the query rejections, the conflicting reader feedback, the self-doubt…

I’ve also seen them get clarity on their story, embrace their vision, and write the books of their dreams.

Many of my authors have gone on to land literary agents, publish at large and small presses like Harper Collins, Penguin-Berkley, Tule, Blushing, Immortal Works Press, some have self-published, and several have even won awards!

Writer, if you combine grit, determination, and a willingness to learn new things, I fully believe you have the ability to bring your amazing stories to life.

With almost two-decades of experience in writing and publishing, I am eager to make the nuance and complexity of writing a damn good story two things it’s hardly ever described as: easy and fun.

Katie started her business in 2012 as a developmental editor, and has since moved into the speaking, coaching, and teaching space.

She's a founding editor of Revise & Resub (#RevPit), a contest for emerging writers, and she's been a featured judge in writing contests, teaches virtually and in-person at conferences and writing organizations such as RWA, CRW, LIRW, ORIWA, Emerald Coast Writers, and more.

For more, listen to the Writing with Coach McCoach podcast and visit