Doubt is not a stranger to you, and you can't help but wonder if it's nigh time you give up on your dream of being an author. 

. . . Or is it? 

7 Days to Beat Imposter Syndrome and Love Your Writing Again

You've put so much of yourself into your writing; your feelings, your truths, your creativity, your vision. You try to act like it's not personal, but it's truthfully the most personal thing in the world to you. It's YOU. 

So it makes sense that you are about ready to give up after all the rejection and failure you've received.

But you don't *want* to give up. Deep down, you don't know who you are without your stories. Which is why the rejection has created an imposter in you.

I know you, writer. I know that you don't want to throw in the towel. I know you have more stories to tell. You have a voice that needs to reach others. And the hardest truth at all: you just can't let it go. You know that if you stop, you'll never be happy. But with how hard it's been lately, is continuing a happy path either? 

Here's where I come in. Coach McCoach—your cheerleading book coach—jumping up and down with my glittering, obnoxious pom-poms. 

I'm here to take you through a 7-day journey to beat that nasty imposter syndrome and love your writing again. 

And thus, love yourself again. 

Plus, it's FREE.

So what do you say?

I'm with you, Coach!

In this 7-day challenge, you will...

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Believe in your writing again 
  • Love your writing life 

You'll do all this through daily motivational videos, pep-talks, prompts, exercises, proven strategies, and more.  

Give me ONE WEEK of your time and you'll walk away ready to tackle your story, shut out the voice of comparison, and believe in your writing self again. 

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You're tired of motivational messages that don't apply to you.

You can listen to motivational podcasts and self-help books all day long, but those folks don't get it.

They haven't received feedback from critique partners that's made them cry.

They haven't received 50 agent rejections.

They haven't heard the message, "You're not good enough. No one wants your stories." 

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You need someone who GETS the struggle. 

I'm a developmental editor and book coach and I've been helping writers like you (myself included!) find their love of writing again for the past decade.

It's not easy navigating the landscape of rejection, feedback, and reader reviews. 

Use my tools as an experienced book coach to find your writing strengths, believe in your goals, and shut off that painful voice of doubt. 



Katie McCoach has been helping authors grow their manuscripts since 2012 through developmental editing, coaching, and workshops.

Her authors have gone on to obtain agent representation, sign book deals, self-publish, AND win awards. 

After working with hundreds of authors on their manuscripts, she knows what it takes to lift writers up, help them find their voice, and support their career goals.  

You can learn more about Katie and her authors at 

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Are you ready to...

stop putting yourself down?

stop thinking you can’t do this?

start believing in your writing again?

Then join me on this 7-day challenge and let's kick imposter syndrome to the curb!

I'm ready! Let's do this!
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