12: The Power of Community with Author J.H. Laing

Season #2

Today I have the honor of interviewing author J.H. Laing as part of our Author Interview Series for the podcast. 

J. H. (Jill) Laing is the author of the Tethered Souls Series and Book 2 Unraveled just released on March 22, 2023. 

J. H. Laing is an avid daydreamer and lover of people. She melds her imagination and connection to human emotions with her stories of suspenseful paranormal romance. Many of Laing's stories developed at night while desperately seeking ways to fall asleep with an overactive mind.

Once a teacher of English to international students in Florida and New York City, she figuratively traveled the world in her classrooms, learning the students’ cultures and customs. Using what she has learned from those experiences, she translates culture into her stories.


In this interview, J.H. talks about her fascinating writing and publishing journey, such as:

  • The moment she finally made the decision to go for it for real and how that was a game changer in her pursuit to get published.
  • The power of community and how surrounding herself by people on a similar journey to her has been essential to her career. 
  • What it's like publishing with a hybrid press and why she chose that path--and would choose it again. 
  • And much more. 

I loved doing this interview with Jill and I hope you enjoy it. 

To connect with J.H. Laing, please visit: 





Her books: 

Book 1: Bound  

Book 2: Unraveled


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