25: Advice Overload: Turn Down the Volume and Amplify Your Inner Voice

Season #2

After the latest series on the different kinds of feedback writers receive and how to navigate it, I thought it might be time to talk to you about that moment when you've maybe heard too much advice... that moment when you've absorbed about as much as you can take in, to the point where you aren't sure what to do next. 

Listen to hear some actionable advice on how to turn down the volume on criticism, feedback, and advice, no matter how well-meaning and useful it might be.

Also! Announcements about two upcoming projects I'm putting together to help you, writer, including a free workshop: Your Story Ain't Shit Without Good Characters (https://katiemccoach.com/masterclass/). 

Can't wait to see you there, and I'd love your feedback on this episode, too!


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