29: Actual Lessons I Gained From 2023 (ADHDers, listen up!)

Season #3

2023 was the hardest year of my life. It was deeply mentally and emotionally heavy, and much of it was internalized. When the things we tell ourselves become lies that are hurting our present and future, we face a decision: how do we change this? Are we ready to? Is it even possible? 

That was what I experienced in 2023. My self-worth was tied to external things, for example: my business—when a business venture "failed" I was a failure. If a client didn't reach their goals, I internalized it as my problem. When motherhood became difficult as I raised a toddler, I doubted my ability to be a mom, business owner, friend, wife, person. When I was diagnosed with ADHD, I didn't know what that meant about who I was anymore—or who I had always been. 

This podcast episode dives into the real, visceral internal challenges I went through in 2023, along with how I worked through them and where I am now. I recorded this episode in December 2023, when I saw the light. I had not only survived and made it through, but I was beginning to see a future of thriving. (It's now Feb. 2nd 2024 and that has continued to be the case! The growth is amazing and I'm so excited for the future, even the heavy things that will inevitably come). 

This episode is a reflection of the year and the many things I've learned and the emotional and mental shifts that have helped me get to this point. Also, some amazing tools that have helped along the way! Ones that I think authors will love. 

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I'm eager to help as many writers as possible in 2024, because I want us all to experience the beauty of self-love, confidence, and a knowingness that our words ARE the most powerful thing we have. 

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