30: When Fear Strikes: Sit With Me as I Work Through Mental Shit

Season #3

"I should know better. I should do better. I should be better."

These words have rotated through my brain for the last 34 years. I'm only just now beginning to see what this self-talk can do to a person. 

As a book coach, I help writers with their words and vision every day. As a mom, I help my son love himself and avoid this self-talk. And I've spent the last year working on doing this for myself. 

But sometimes, the shit comes up again. We hit a dip. We enter a place of paralyzing fear. 

That's where I was when I sat down and started recording this episode. I recorded it first for me. To help myself work through feelings of fear and failing that were cropping up. Feelings of self-doubt. But I'm sharing it today with you because I want to break down the barriers that keep us from revealing our doubts, our truths, our negative self-talk. 

Let's call this an episode an insider's look, almost like you are with me on a personal therapy session with myself. Witness this writer, editor, mom, and coach work through some shit and maybe we'll both come out of this hour stronger, more positive, and with a new set of self-talk to take us further in our writing and publishing journeys'.