33: Sell More Books with Your Ideal Reader Avatar

Season #3

In episode 33 of the Writing with Coach McCoach podcast, let's take a standard of the business world -- the Ideal Client Avatar -- and put it to work marketing your writing! Who is your ideal reader? How does identifying them in as much detail as possible... creating your Ideal Reader Avatar... help you better understand how to reach them? I explain it all in this episode! If this episode helped you at all, will you share it with a friend? I'm eager to help as many writers as possible in 2024, because I want us all to experience the beauty of self-love, confidence, and a knowingness that our words ARE the most powerful thing we have. To learn more about me, go to: https://www.katiemccoach.com Connect with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/katiemccoach